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How to Get the Most from Your Group Training Exercise Program With the resurgence of group training over the last few years, fitness has become a sport and it has opened up a whole new dynamic on getting fit. 4/30/2014
Are you drinking enough water to keep your body hydrated? Euhydration is the act and or state of being adequately hydrated with the quantity of water necessary to sustain proper physiological function. 3/24/2014
Ready for Spring Running Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow! Oh no… wait, I want to exercise outside. Why did that groundhog have to give us such a bad report? 2/24/2014
All Exercise Is Not Created Equal Choosing the right exercises to achieve the desired results by Cliff Long 1/27/2014
Tips to Achieving Your Goals for the New Year New Year’s is a time when we look back on the past year, reflect on how far we've come, look forward to the coming year, and set goals for where we want to go. It's a time to reflect on the changes we want (or need) and dedicate ourselves to follow throug 12/30/2013
From Resolution to a Permanent Change 7 Tips to a Happy Relationship with your Fitness Goals 12/3/2013
Beating The Winter Blues Ten Tips to Keep The Blues at Bay 12/3/2013
Balancing Your Cardio and Resistance Training Whether your goals are fitness based or performance based, there is an optimal level of balance between how much cardio exercise versus how much resistance training you should do. 12/3/2013
Single Leg Training Whether you are trying to improve your appearance or performance, single leg training can provide you with benefits for both. 12/3/2013
Progression of Resistance Training STABILITY-STRENGTH-POWER 12/3/2013
Fat Burning vs Burn More Fat A common misconception that many people have when doing their cardio work is the difference between having a greater fat burning percentage while doing the work versus actually burning more fat. 12/3/2013
Work Hard, Play Hard I had a lot of time in 2005 to watch the Tour de France, because of time off with my daughter being born. 12/3/2013
10 Tips To Improve Your Sleep In today’s fast paced world with so much to do and so little time, one of the things that seem to go is not only the amount of sleep we get but also the quality of sleep. 12/3/2013
LSCV 1st Group Run/Walk Gathering Well… whether you’re joined the Longevity Studios Cardiovascular (LSCV) Group or not, you may be looking to do something active this Saturday (March 20, 2010). You may just want to celebrate the “no more blizzards” weather with some outdoor fun! But how o 12/3/2013
Longevity Studios Cardiovascular (LSCV) Group Longevity Studios is proud to announce the creation of Longevity Studios Cardiovascular Group (LSCV). LSCV will be a group focused on fostering health and performance while increasing cardiovascular capacity. 12/3/2013
Healthier Hips and a Better Butt One of the first things we look at when a new client comes in is how well their hips are working for them. 12/3/2013
I’m slowly dying as I write this! No matter what you think of the technological revolution, one thing is for certain … it has us sitting more than ever before. One statistic I read has that 85% of all jobs are “sedentary” or chair based. 12/3/2013
But do you squat? Back in my heyday of powerlifting, it became a running joke with my workout partners that when someone bragged about their bench press, curls, or 6-pack, we would jump right into the question “…but do you squat?” 12/3/2013
Holiday Stress Buster Tips With the holiday season underway, most of us are already experiencing some sort of stress. With a little planning we are able to make the season a lot more enjoyable. 12/3/2013
Happy New You … NOW! When I talk to people around this time of year, who are interested in starting a fitness program and losing weight, I hear some interesting reasons about why they’re going to wait until New Year’s to do it. 12/3/2013
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