ACE Program: Personal Trainer

ACE Personal Trainer Prep Course.

This seminar style course is designed to provide theoretical knowledge and prepare students to take the American Council on Exercise's (ACE) national certification exam in personal training. Topics include guidelines for instructing safe, effective, and purposeful exercise, essentials of the client-trainer relationship, conducting health and fitness assessments, and designing and implementing appropriate exercise programming. This program runs for 12 weeks and has 48 hours of contact time. Additional time may be added based on students’ needs.


Personal Trainer Observational Experience


This involves "shadowing" a professional trainer in the delivery of fitness services in various types of settings (i.e, health clubs, private studios, and corporate fitness centers, etc.) The participant will see how a personal fitness professional builds client rapport, manages sessions, and implements training programs. The program is designed for 12 weeks in which students can observe up to 10 hours a week and get assignments that help them better understand how to deliver great customer services and exercise sessions. This program can be combined with the above program to complement the theoretical knowledge being learned and developed.


Personal Trainer Practitioner Training

This program provides the "hands-on" and practical skills that all new trainers are lacking when they first enter the personal training field. This is perfectly suited for those looking to gain experience under the mentorship of experienced certified personal trainers. This program is provides 4 hours a week of practical work over 12 weeks. The use of accurate assessment techniques, innovative design of exercise programs, management of priorities and time, communications and interpersonal skills, client motivation and retention strategies are all put into practice. Practitioners learn to how to adapt their instructional styles appropriate for working with clients in a one-on-one and small group training format and for various training settings and locations. The essential aspects of developing proficient business-related skills are also addressed and manifested in practice. This program combined with the above two programs establishes the most complete personal training development program, with over 200 hours of training, in the Southern Maryland area and ensures the student to have the best chance for success in the role of a professional personal trainer.








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