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Whether you're mending from an injury or are trying work around chronic pain in your joints, our corrective exercise program will get you back on track. General fitness training is great if you don't have orthopedic problems or health concerns, but if you're not ready for that level of activity, it could actually result in injury.

Corrective exercise starts you at the appropriate exercise level and progresses you to the necessary dynamic functioning level. It involves physical assessments, modifications in exercise, adjustments to your daily activities, lifestyle alterations, and good communication with your medical professionals.


We start with medical history to understand the nature of your injury, or the lack of function you're experiencing. The musculo-skeletal anatomy is assessed to determine limitations and to establish a starting point. We identify specific muscles that need to be stretched, and those that need to be strengthened. We look at how these muscles, joints, and your movement patterns contribute to your pain and then work around those limitations to optimize results.


In our comprehensive program, lifestyle and daily living assessments are performed to determine a path that will help you regain normal function and will remove any obstacles that may interfere with recovery. In many other programs, it’s the lack of this component that slows your recovery.










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