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Cliff Long 


Cliff has worked in the health and fitness industry for the past 25 years. His experience working in fitness started in 1990 with his first job as a fitness instructor at the Body Shop Health Club. He was concurrently pursuing a degree in Kinesiology at the University of Maryland.

Upon graduation, he moved into the fitness director position at the Body Shop and started his real education with self-teachings and a commitment to life-long learning. The Body Shop was a small organization and allowed him to develop many facets of business, managerial, and technical skills at the same time. His supervisor at that time, Chris Cregan, left such an impact on him that 17 years later, Chris sought him out to open up Longevity Studios.

From 1993-1994, He worked at health clubs such as Old Town Athletic Club, in the Washington D.C. Metropolitan area as personal trainer. In 1994, he joined the team at One to One Fitness as a personal trainer. During his time at One to One, he was mentored and worked with some of the best trainers in the D.C. area. He refined his skills and began to specialize in post-rehabilitation exercise and sport-specific conditioning.

By 1998, he was ready to grow again and left One to One to become the Wellness Coordinator for the College of Southern Maryland (CSM). He had always felt there was something missing from his personal training, but it wasn’t until this position enlightened him about the importance of developing the other elements of wellness, that he found his own services beginning to flourish with greater results. The development of wellness programs and the instruction of classes at CSM enabled him to expand his ability to better deliver health and fitness information.

Being successful as the Wellness Coordinator, in 2001, I was promoted to Director of the Department of Wellness, Fitness, and Sports for CSM. He developed the vision, led, and orchestrated the department’s activities for a tri-county region in Southern Maryland. He had a wide range of health and fitness programming, from “tots” classes in the pool to credited wellness courses for degree-seeking students.

 He had also continued to perform personal training part-time with various companies, but in late 2000, he started Longevity Personal Training (LPT). This company was based on the delivery of a high-level of personal training services, but also incorporating information about developing the other components of wellness. In 2002, he was certified as a Holistic Lifestyle Coach II, (formerly Nutrition and Lifestyle Coach) from the CHEK Institute and began incorporating a coaching component into the company.

In 2003, he again changed roles at CSM to Wellness Manager. In that position, he could concentrate more on areas that better suited his passions and interests. He developed and taught Personal Trainer Fundamentals, a course that prepared students to take the American Council on Exercise’s (ACE) personal trainer exam. He also created a development/mentorship program for students working in the college’s fitness center. The change at CSM allowed him to increase his activity at Longevity, which had essentially become his true interest.

 In 2007, Cliff opened Longevity Studios in La Plata, MD. The company specializes in personal training, corporate wellness, wellness education programs, and group fitness.

Natasha Atkinson
Studio & Corporate Wellness Director  

Natasha has been involved with fitness, in one fashion or another, for the last 20 years. She enjoys hard workouts and pushing her body to the limit through weight training. She even became certified in Spinning just so she would have more access to the gyms in southern Maryland. She more recently has been practicing strength-based sports training, but uses a variety of training methods to keep her body balanced, injury-free, and avoiding plateaus.  

Natasha has invested much of her time for the last 10 years at increasing her knowledge and becoming more proficient with her training skills. She has multiple certifications: Certified Personal Trainer (CPT) from American Council on Exercise (ACE), Posturology 101 by Neurosomatic Educators, Holistic Life Coach (HLC) Level 1 and Exercise Coach from CHEK Institute. Her concentration in her studies have been corrective exercise, to assist people at getting back lost function, and lifestyle behavior changes. Her other role with Longevity Studios is as the Studio Director. She directs and coordinates the programs that are run through a private wellness facility in La Pata, MD.  

Natasha has trained a variety of clients throughout the years and has focused more recently on helping women, who are moving towards or in their middle years, reap the rewards of improved health and a greater life. She believes there's always hope. You are never too old, too sick, too lazy, or too overweight. The only limiting factor is the belief that people have in themselves. Her favorite moments in her career are the private victories of her clients. Whether it's a breast cancer survivor changing the way she thinks of herself or a client wearing a dress, which she wouldn't have before, because of the way she saw herself, she realizes she has the ability to impact peoples' lives beyond the scope of fitness and exercise.

Marty Linclau-Miller
World Gym La Plata Site Director

Marty was involved in sports from an early age. While his performance was above average in most, it was swimming and sailing that he excelled. From age 9 to 18, he swam competitively. After 18, he turned his focus to sailing. His natural talents and his work ethic towards perfecting his skills and performing better allowed him to not only compete at the highest levels in the states, but race at high levels in international competitions. He still enjoys sailing and racing with friends through the Southern Maryland Sailing Association.  

Marty received a Bachelor's of Science Degree in Kinesiology from Michigan State University. He has multiple certifications: Certified Personal Trainer (CPT) from National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM), certified in APEX nutrition, and certified in Body Pump Group Fitness. His most recent certification is as a Level 1 Function Movement Systems (FMS) Specialist. Marty worked 7 years as a personal trainer and as the head of group fitness in Michigan and has been personal training in Maryland for the last 6 years.

Marty is able to work with any age and fitness level. He enjoys helping clients that need to improve upon their movement function and efficiency. One of his most satisfying moments as a trainer came when one of his clients told him that he had touched his toes with his legs straight for the first time in 20 years. He knows that being really fit is more than exercise, it's about finding the balance between the things you want to do and the things you know you should do. The key is to form the habits that foster good health, positive relationships, and a content mind and aimed at being healthy for a lifetime.









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