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In addition to the personal training services we offer in our Studio, we will also provide personal training services at World Gym in La Plata, MD. These services offer an economical way for new gym members to develop a road map for building an effective exercise program. While we offer higher-end versions of these services at Longevity Studios, this is a lower-cost alternative for World Gym members. These tools provide the basic building blocks of an exercise plan, based on your individual body.

Personal Training

The motivation and expertise you need to achieve your fitness goals


Experience a hands-on, highly personalized exercise plan, developed to meet your unique needs and to maintain your interest. It's amazing how having an "appointment" will keep your fitness program on track. it also keeps you from getting stuck in a mental or physical rut.

Your plan may be very comprehensive or tailored for a specific need. Programs include weight training, monitored cardiovascular work, stretching and flexibility exercises. Each workout is designed to get you the results you haven't been able to achieve by working out alone. Half-hour and full-hour workouts are available.
Small Group Training

The perfect blend of one-on-one personal training and group fitness


Our Small Group Training classes are dynamic group training sessions with 6 to 10 people. We limit the number of participants to allow your trainer to make specific modifications to your exercise technique, while maintaining the fun and interaction you get from a group exercise program. Your small group training program runs for 8 weeks, with 2 classes per week. This gives your trainer time to get to know you, so he can customize your training to progress from your current fitness level to your desired results. Small Group Training is the right choice if you're looking for the perfect blend of one-on-one personal training and group fitness!

Each class will focus on a particular style of conditioning, like stability ball exercises, free weight workouts, or functional training.

All Small Group Training requires pre-registration and at least 6 participants. If a class does not have enough participants registered 3 days prior to the scheduled start date, the class is subject to cancellation.
Body Comp

Evaluate your body composition


Body Comp is a quick body composition analysis that determines your body's amount of muscle, body fat, and hydration levels. It also calculates body mass index (BMI) and resting metabolic rate (RMR). The results are explained in detail during a 20-minute consultation with a Longevity Studios Personal Trainer.
Nutritional Advising


Nutrition is one of the main keys to unlocking your results from your fitness program! If you are not losing the weight you want or gaining the muscle you crave, your nutrition could be where the problem lies. A Nutritional Advising (NA) appointment is a service that will raise your awareness of your current eating habits and focus you to make positive changes in your nutrition.


Program Design


We'll build your program; you work smarter than ever before. Longevity Studios Program Design includes a 12-week customized, self-guided workout program, created following an Initial Assessment with a Professional Trainer. Supplemental one-on-one coaching sessions are available, where we'll walk you through your entire workout, to ensure proper form, function and safety.
Seminars and Workshops

The know-how you need to reach your goals


Personal training is key to making lasting changes to your body and fitness level, but training won't get you all the way there all by itself. You also have to make changes to your lifestyle. Those changes include addressing nutrition, stress, and health factors that result in the biggest differences to push you to the next level of results. In our seminars and workshops, we give you the resources to make those changes to your life as easy as possible, and the keys that will save you time, and keep you on track.





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