How many reps?

What many clients typically want to know is how many reps they should be doing if they’re trying to make esthetic changes to their bodies. While this answer can get complicated, here’s the “Reps 101″ version.

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Cliff Long
All exercise is not created equal

The type of exercise, and the way that exercise is done, produces a specific effect or change in physiology. If one does the wrong exercise or applies it incorrectly, it’s like taking blood pressure medicine to lower your cholesterol. You will get an effect, but not the one you want!

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ExerciseCliff Long
Are you drinking enough water to keep your body hydrated?

I push water like a bargain hunter pushes a cart at an “everything must go” sale. Water is essential and it comprises approximately 50 – 70% of our total body weight. It serves as a medium for chemical reactions, it’s a thermo-regulator (helps control the body’s temperature), and it serves as a taxi for toxins by helping the body get rid of waste products.

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