Are you drinking enough water to keep your body hydrated?


Euhydration is the act and or state of being adequately hydrated with the quantity of water necessary to sustain proper physiological function. "How much water do I need?", you ask… probably more than you’re drinking presently would be my answer to most, but since you are reading this you are more than likely amongst the conscientious well hydrated folks on the planet. Water and I have this love hate relationship. I love it because I know that I need it to live, just like you, but since I never learned to swim, sort of like Sir Nose D’Voidoffunk (for all of you Parliament Fans… It’s a 70’sthing) I keep my distance from quantities that might promote hyper-hydration incompatible with staying afloat. I push water like a bargain hunter pushes a cart at an “everything must go” sale. Water is essential and it comprises approximately 50 – 70% of our total body weight. It serves as a medium for chemical reactions, it’s a thermo-regulator (helps control the body’s temperature), and it serves as a taxi for toxins by helping the body get rid of waste products.

Your body does what it can to remain hydrated and hormones like ADH [anti (against) diuretic (water releasing) hormone (a regulatory substance made by and for the body to keep things in check)] try to keep our body in homeostasis (the sum total of measures taken to keep the body’s internal environment physiological where it needs to be). That was a run on sentence, sorry. Since we’re on the topic of running… joggers, walkers, hey even keep water with me when I’m driving; summer is coming so keep your water handy. If you work outside, if you work inside, if you’re looking for work, keep your water handy.

Back to the question of “how much water does one need”. If you read three different texts you might get three different answers if you ask me, you only get one… “it depends”.

Ball park figures for total water needs based on the AI(adequate intakes) are 3.7 liters/day for men and 2.7 liters/day for women,that’s if you are between the ages of 19 and 30. A more sophisticated deduction can be derived however by applying the following: your approximate water needs,(under average conditions) are about 1 ml of water for every Kcal of energy you might require. You do the math. Lets say your energy needs are in the neighborhood of 2750 Kcals (under average conditions…) your water consumption should then be around 2.8 liters.

A one size fits all formula like the ball caps is sometimes hit or miss. There’s always that super-sized head in the crowd, like the one who always sits in front of your kid at the movies, and I’m talking about a drive-in (the few that still exist). How much water you need will be dictated by your body mass, what you do and where you do it and how long itt akes. Growing up in eastern North Carolina back in the day a not so favorite past time in the summer was pulling tobacco. Summer was hot. You started early and you quit around noon or somewhere there ‘bouts. I’m surprised that more folks from my neck of the woods aren’t addicted to tobacco as much as they pulled… anyway, it’s 90 degrees at 9:00 a.m. and you work ‘till noon in a shade restricted field. Your water needs will undoubtedly be greater than your cousin’s who some kind of way landed a job at the Piggly Wiggly sacking groceries and enjoying Nehi Orange Sodas that he was able to purchase from tip she made toting sacks twenty feet a pop, (I hadn’t planned that one J). You get the picture. Country folk make some noise! But you too can consume too much water, but that’s a true story for another visit.

Euhydration and the act of preventing dehydration is indeed a serious subject and it is not a matter (dare I say it… J) to be watered down. The following table acquired from the referenced site shows the progressions of mild and severe dehydration, so in the words of my grandfather,(Mr. Luther) famed Bertie Co. NC philosopher… and sage “when your well runs dry, that’s all she wrote”. Don’t let this happen to you.