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Healthiest Maryland Businesses

Longevity Studios is proud to be a member and partner of the Healthiest Maryland Businesses (HMB). The Healthiest Maryland movement aims to engage leaders to commit to maximizing Marylanders' well-being by implementing a comprehensive, coordinated strategy to promote health where Marylanders work, live, and learn.

As a partner of HMB, we work through the Charles County Health Department to help associations and businesses create and implement wellness plans that have the right fit to engage employees, increase productivity and even reduce costs.

When you join Healthiest Maryland Businesses, you are taking the first step towards creating an environment that supports healthy employees, an economic driver of your business' fiscal health!   A healthy business is a business that thrives because it has an employee health management strategy in place.  Having a wellness program ensures that everyone wins - employees and their families are healthier, and companies save on health care costs and absenteeism. 

For more information about Healthiest Maryland Businesses, contact Angela Deal at 301-609-6885 or email angela.deal@maryland.gov.

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World Gym La Plata

Longevity Studios provides Personal Training services at World Gym in La Plata, Maryland; a state-of-the-art fitness facility. In addition to providing individual and partnered training, our Personal Trainers also offer convenient and affordable Body Comps, Express Assessments and the popular G.E.T. F.I.T. program.

We also conduct seminars and other educational events at World Gym La Plata. Keep an eye on our events page for details.


Southern Maryland Martial Arts and Fitness

Longevity Studios provides Personal Training services at Southern Maryland Martial Arts and Fitness.  They have fully equipped fitness centers in both Bryan's Road and La Plata, offering LifeFitness, Hammerstrength, Iron Grip, and Star Trac equipment.  Each facility has its own spinning room, group exercise room, a cardio room and a weight room. Longevity Studios Personal Training is highly recommended for those who want some extra motivation and coaching about how to work out and/or how to get the proper nutrition.