Management Staff


Cliff Long

Cliff has worked in the health and fitness industry for the past 25 years. His experience working in fitness started in 1990 with his first job as a fitness instructor at the Body Shop Health Club. He was concurrently pursuing a degree in Kinesiology at the University of Maryland. 

Upon graduation, he moved into the fitness director position at the Body Shop and started his real education with self-teachings and a commitment to life-long learning. The Body Shop was a small organization and allowed him to develop many facets of business, managerial, and technical skills at the same time. His supervisor at that time, Chris Cregan, left such an impact on him that 17 years later, Chris sought him out to open up Longevity Studios. 

From 1993-1994, He worked at health clubs such as Old Town Athletic Club, in the Washington D.C. Metropolitan area as personal trainer. In 1994, he joined the team at One to One Fitness as a personal trainer. During his time at One to One, he was mentored and worked with some of the best trainers in the D.C. area. He refined his skills and began to specialize in post-rehabilitation exercise and sport-specific conditioning. 

By 1998, he was ready to grow again and left One to One to become the Wellness Coordinator for the College of Southern Maryland (CSM). He had always felt there was something missing from his personal training, but it wasn’t until this position enlightened him about the importance of developing the other elements of wellness, that he found his own services beginning to flourish with greater results. The development of wellness programs and the instruction of classes at CSM enabled him to expand his ability to better deliver health and fitness information. 

Being successful as the Wellness Coordinator, in 2001, I was promoted to Director of the Department of Wellness, Fitness, and Sports for CSM. He developed the vision, led, and orchestrated the department’s activities for a tri-county region in Southern Maryland. He had a wide range of health and fitness programming, from “tots” classes in the pool to credited wellness courses for degree-seeking students. 

He had also continued to perform personal training part-time with various companies, but in late 2000, he started Longevity Personal Training (LPT). This company was based on the delivery of a high-level of personal training services, but also incorporating information about developing the other components of wellness. In 2002, he was certified as a Holistic Lifestyle Coach II, (formerly Nutrition and Lifestyle Coach) from the CHEK Institute and began incorporating a coaching component into the company. 

In 2003, he again changed roles at CSM to Wellness Manager. In that position, he could concentrate more on areas that better suited his passions and interests. He developed and taught Personal Trainer Fundamentals, a course that prepared students to take the American Council on Exercise’s (ACE) personal trainer exam. He also created a development/mentorship program for students working in the college’s fitness center. The change at CSM allowed him to increase his activity at Longevity, which had essentially become his true interest. 

In 2007, Cliff opened Longevity Studios in La Plata, MD. The company specializes in personal training, corporate wellness, wellness education programs, and group fitness.

Natasha Atkinson

Natasha has been involved with fitness, in one fashion or another, for the last 25 years. She started working out to just stay in shape, keep her weight in check and increase her level of fitness. As she progressed through the years of training, she began to enjoy more of the challenging workouts and pushing her body to the limit through weight training. Natasha changed her focus about 10 years ago to practicing strength-based sports. In 2009 and with encouragement from her trainer at the time, she started powerlifting. In 2016, she took 4thin her division at the USA Powerlifting National Raw Championships. She currently is fully engaged with her powerlifting career but also uses a variety of other training methods to keep her body balanced, injury-free, and avoiding plateaus. 

Natasha has accumulated multiple certifications and has deepened her training in many different fitness specialties: Certified Personal Trainer (CPT) from American Council on Exercise (ACE), Posturology 101 by Neurosomatic Educators, Holistic Life Coach (HLC) Level 1 and Exercise Coach from CHEK Institute. Her concentration in her studies has ranged from corrective exercise, to assist people at getting back lost function, to lifestyle behavior changes to performance, especially for women wanting to develop real strength and power. Along with her training duties for Longevity Studios, she also directs and coordinates the programs that are run through the private wellness studio and the Corporate Wellness programs offsite.

Natasha has trained a variety of clients throughout the years and enjoys the accomplishments in a broad spectrum of ways. From the client who can play with her grandson on the floor without discomfort for the first time to the client that can now lift a weight that he never thought he could ever do, she celebrates all her clients’ successes at the level that they view them. She believes there's always hope. You are never too old, too sick, too lazy, or too overweight. The only limiting factor is the belief that people have in themselves. Natasha realizes she has the ability to impact peoples' lives beyond the scope of fitness and exercise.

Favorite Quote: "Satisfaction lies in the effort, not in the attainment. Full effort is full victory." – Mahatma Gandhi

Neil Kitzmiller
Lead Trainer

Neil grew up playing baseball year round. His first introduction into working out came about as a way to improve his performance on the field. When Neil went to college, he got into bodybuilding-style workouts to bring up areas in his physique. As he progressed in his level of fitness and to more thoroughly test his limits, he started training in powerlifting. His increases in strength on all of his lifts and wanting to rekindle his competitive spirit, he entered his first official powerlifting meet. During his first meet, the powerlifting bug really bit and he knew he had found his new passion. When Neil is not hoisting the heavy weights, he likes to remain active, and be just as competitive, with 18 holes of golf.

Neil’s time with high school baseball and working out influenced him so much, he decided to major in a related field in college. He graduated from Towson University’s Department of Kinesiology with a Bachelor’s degree in Sport Management. He also has since acquired multiple certifications: ACE Certified Personal Trainer, ACE Certified Fitness Nutrition Specialist, USA Powerlifting Certified Club Coach and Alloy Training Systems Certified Instructor. His role with Longevity Studios extends past being a personal trainer and into being the Director for the company at World Gym La Plata. He directs and coordinates the training staff, programs and events that are run through the gym.

Neil enjoys working with all of those interested in strength and fitness. Some of his favorite memories in personal training come from his clients who he has helped to just get better at everyday life activities or from clients who have been able to stop taking medications because their health has improved. Neil has come to realize that your age doesn’t matter. It’s just a number. To get your success, it only comes with you putting in the time and consistency. If you set small goals to reach in your fitness journey and find reliable ways to keep your motivation, you will be one of the ones who reap the benefits!

Favorite Quote: "Pain is temporary. It may last for a minute, an hour, a day, or even a year. But eventually, it will subside, and something else will take its place. If I quit, however, it will last forever". – Lance Armstrong


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Brent Appleyard

Brent’s gateway into fitness came through playing sports as a youth. It started with soccer for a few years, but baseball really stuck. He first began resistance training in middle school at the age of 12. From age 12 to 17, he had what he calls a casual-type relationship with fitness and strength training. When he graduated from high school and began college at the College of Southern Maryland, he began to take his fitness lifestyle a bit more seriously. Brent would consistently go to the gym at the college. He then turned his focus to bodybuilding and getting as strong as possible with occasional heavy strength training. Brent has competed in one powerlifting event early in 2018. He loves the sports of powerlifting and bodybuilding and is looking to compete in both as a part of his fitness journey.

Brent graduated from the College of Southern Maryland (CSM) with two Associate’s Degrees: Criminal Justice and Exercise and Sports Science. He became a certified personal trainer through the American Council on Exercise (ACE) in 2014. After graduation with his exercise degree, he decided to move to Florida to pursue a life as a personal trainer. He worked for two years at a YMCA in Jacksonville. The clients he worked with were diverse and ages ranged from 12 to 80 years old. 

Brent is very open to working with a variety of clients with a wide range of fitness goals. His favorite clients are those that are seriously committed to chasing a goal of building lean muscle mass as well as increasing their overall strength. One of Brent’s favorite fitness memories is from his powerlifting meet. When he looked out in the audience and saw those who showed up to support him, he felt part of a community. Brent wants to give that same type of support system and feeling to his clients. He knows that being invested in a fitness lifestyle and surrounding yourself with people who are like minded are the most important lessons to take away.

Favorite Quote: “If you don’t want to sacrifice for what you want, what you want becomes the sacrifice.” - Anonymous